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About Elgin Watches

Keep time in style with Elgin watches, and wear a piece of history on your wrist at the same time. Formed in 1864 when the United States was in the midst of the Civil War, Elgin has been perfecting the craft of watch-making ever since, and their products more than stand the test of time. Those looking for a time-honored keepsake can choose from a variety of Elgin pocket watches from reliable sellers on eBay, some of which are in top condition and still running. Do-it-yourself types can also find a great bargain on a charming old watch and easily find the parts to get it running perfectly again. For a slightly more modern but still classical decoration, choose an Elgin trench watch, which first made its debut during the World War I due to the difficulty of reading a pocket watch on the battlefield. Viewed as a solid, quality watch at a reasonable price, Elgin watches carry both sophistication and history in one small package.