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About Elgin Gold Pocket Watch

Whether you are an antique collector for nostalgia’s sake, or someone who invests in antiques to receive a nice financial return, one of the better items available on the market is the Elgin gold pocket watch. It was introduced shortly after pocket watches became a favorite among travelers because they were not adversely affected by rapid temperature changes. This made Elgin a favorite among railroad travelers who needed to keep accurate time during lengthy trips through different types of climate. It also was isochronous, meaning the watch kept accurate time until it needed its next wind. Yet the greatest attribute of the Elgin gold pocket watch is, well, the gold. Investors in antiques can buy one in a wide variety of karat concentrations, such as the 14k gold filled Elgin pocket watch. Also designed was the Elgin gold ladies pocket watch, to attract women who enjoy investing in appreciable accessories. Regardless of gender, Elgin constructed durable gold pocket watches that have withstood the test of time. Flash a little 19th century style by shopping for one from the reliable sellers on eBay.

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