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About Elf Ears

You can have the right clothes and the perfect makeup, but without a set of elf ears, you just do not look like an elf. Distinctive pointed ears are part of every elf get-up, no matter what genre or story you are portraying. To do serious cosplay as an elf, you have to look as authentic as possible. If even one part of your attire or your makeup is off, you certainly hear about it from the other folks in your party. For a seamless look, use ears that fit over the top of your own. Some even come with an adhesive that allows the ear to blend into the skin of your own ear. Other types of ears fit over your entire ear, covering even the opening of your ear. These have a less-realistic look for your costume, but they are easy to put on, particularly if you are doing your own makeup. No matter which type of elf ears you prefer, the huge selection available from the sellers on eBay means the right set is already waiting for you.