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About Elephant Bracelets

Loved as a symbol of royalty and strength, elephants captivate everyone with their usually playful disposition, massive size, and family loyalty. For those who love this massive animal, an elephant bracelet comes in a range of silver, gold, and bone. Available in new and used condition on eBay, these different jewelry items feature either the head or the whole body of an elephant. Silver elephant charms, for example, come with the animal mounted on silk ropes for a comfortable fit, while elephant cuff bracelet types may include a line of walking beasts. Elephant hair bracelet choices are a popular choice out of Africa. People find the hair in the wild after the pachyderm has shed it. Then, they wind the hair in a circle and tie it with knots. Some believe that the bracelet keeps its wearer from harm and sickness, while others believe it serves as a connection between heaven and earth. Whether used for good luck or simply as fashion statements, an elephant bracelet makes great accessories for casual clothing. Do not let the herd pass you by without getting one for your jewelry box.