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About Electronic Boost Controller

Prepare for takeoff and fly like the wind when you boost your turbocharged car. With an electronic boost controller, you can take control of the boost level in your car much easier than before. Manual boost controllers might work for you, but they never work as you expect. With electronic controllers, you have digital displays that allow you view the levels you are setting in real time. They feature a solenoid or a stepper motor that controls the pressure signal that the wastegate actuator sees. A GReddy electronic boost controller, for example, has an OLED display with a rotary dial control and simple two-button operation that gives you accessible control over everything. It combines integrated pressure, a compact solenoid valve, and a faster computerized processor to provide you stable boost curves and quick responses. You also have the alternative of choosing a Turbosmart electronic boost controller. It features an axillary output and 40-psi maximum boost-operating pressure. The controller has an external switch that allows you to change between the boosts whenever you need to, and its boost-correction factor reduces drop-off at high RPM. With the vast inventory available on eBay, you can choose a quality electronic boost controller for your car.