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About Electrolytic Capacitor

If you are an audiophile and love the sound that can only be found with tube technology. Warmer, softer, and more true to life, you may want to add vintage speakers to your home system. If your treasured speakers have spent the last four decades in the attic, you need to replace the electrolytic capacitors, as heat can cause degeneration. Although electrical standards have changed over the years, never go below the rating of the original parts. If the original part is marked 270V, always choose higher, such as a 400V electrolytic capacitor. Overvoltage can result in an explosion, so err on the safe side and purchase capacitors in a higher voltage. Buzzing, popping, and other noises in subwoofers call for a tune up for your tube speakers, and an electrolytic capacitor kit provides a range of sizes you need conveniently at hand. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide variety of electronics components for tube technophiles, including resistors, electrolytic capacitors, and more. Everything you need to restore and maintain your classic audio equipment is at your fingertips.

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