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About Electric Insulators

Despite being a fragile and brittle material, people have used glass for some heavy-duty industrial purposes, one of them being electric insulators. Used in prolific quantities to insulate telegraph and electric lines on poles, these strange and beautiful contraptions went out of production as lines gradually moved below ground. In the 1960s, linesmen began collecting glass electrical insulators as they replaced them with newer ones made of different materials. Finding and acquiring these vintage insulators is now a growing hobby, and the sheer number of styles available makes this quite an interesting pastime. The first were non-threaded and used for telegraph lines. Threaded insulators made their debut in 1865 creating a standard that is still used. Colored types are especially sought after, though aqua ones are common. Railway companies used most of these for railway signal lines where it was helpful to color-code different circuits. Find some enchanting electric insulators from reliable sellers on eBay, and start or grow your exotic collection.