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About Electric Impact Wrenches

"Brace for impact," you say to your garage wall, quickly approaching with a set of electric impact wrenches. You can find these wrenches from popular brands, such as Cornwell, Makita, and Milwaukee electric impact wrenches. They look and function like regular wrenches but provide more power and operate at higher speeds than conventional tools. Electric impact wrenches come with drivers of various sizes, like regular wrenches. You can find them in user-friendly layouts, like those featuring ergonomic handles with rubber grips, letting you retain control over your tool at all angles. A wide base at the handle bottom helps with balance and keeps your hands from slipping. These handy wrenches have lightweight aluminum noses and offer over 200 lbs. of maximum torque. Aluminum housing and a powerful motor help these wrenches stand up to the toughest tasks. You can operate them safely and easily using a power on and off switch and control speeds with the push of a button. You have many options to consider when choosing a wrench, but the large inventory on eBay helps narrow your options. You can search for tools by voltage too, such as 12V electric impact wrenches.