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About Electric Fans

Tropical countries need air-conditioning in every house, but that sort of cooling is astronomically expensive. So, instead you see electric fans in every room instead, or every few feet in public buildings like churches and city halls. Even public transportation has them. These small appliances are rather exotic in cooler climates, aren't they? People can simply switch on air conditioner in the summer, after all. But outside in your decks and patios when it's muggy and buggy, small electric fans can give blessed relief. Direct the breeze toward the barbecue to deter smoke and keep the coals sizzling hot. Or use a steady draft to lull the in-laws away from bickering and into quiet naps in their Adirondack chairs. Decorators and hobbyists who want something functional snap these up. eBay sellers have a range of vintage electric fans, used but fully operational, for connoisseurs who want a flavor of the South and bygone eras in their home. As Elmore Leonard titled one book, “Be Cool,” electric fans allow you to be so.

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