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About Electric Erasers

Drafters, architects, animators, and artists spend their days sketching and creating, but also erasing and improving. Electric erasers allow these professionals and hobbyists to correct their work easily, efficiently, and with great success. Especially if you are working with a large draft design, erasing by hand is tedious and often leaves behind faint lines or tears in the paper. An electric eraser is a device that rotates an eraser end at a constant speed, erasing pencil marks completely and causing minimal wear to the paper. Within the vast inventory on eBay, a wide variety of these devices are available. This includes drafting erasers that are slender and wireless, making it easier and more comfortable to use the eraser on large and intricate projects. Electric erasers are essentially motors that control the erasing motion for you. These motors may be battery-operated or may need to be connected to an outlet. They do require small erasers that typically come with the device, and large sets of refills are available to allow for many hours of use.

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