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About Electric Cars

Gas guzzling, polluting giants are quickly becoming relics of the past. Green is here to stay, making electric cars must-have vehicles for earth hugging drivers. These cars run on electricity instead of gas fuel. Although early generation electric car batteries have a reputation for lacking pep and stamina, modern batteries pack in a lot more power and drive a lot farther between charges than their predecessors. Cars like the Tesla Model S can offer as many as 300 miles per charge, which is competitive compared to the average traditional car and a lot better for the environment. Charge your car in your garage's electrical outlet, and enjoy sustainable driving throughout the day. If you want an electric vehicle but love your current car model, then purchase an electric car kit, which converts a traditional vehicle into an electric one. Whether you want a sleek and sophisticated Tesla or a zippy Nissan LEAF, you can find a large inventory of electric cars on eBay.