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About Elder Scrolls

Create your own path through a vast virtual world as you navigate dozens of side quests and a fascinating primary plot. The Elder Scrolls games emphasize freeform play, which permits you as the gamer to take control of the storyline and wander at will through the game. Elder Scrolls Oblivion is the fourth game in the series and remains a favorite among fans of complex, immersive role-playing games. The entire ingame world features elaborate detail and astonishing breadth and variety. Fights, factions, intrigue, and incredible character variety make Oblivion a popular choice for gamers who want to explore the Elder Scrolls series. Another Elder Scrolls game that ranks highly is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Like other games in the series, it features an expansive settings with incredible detail and countless quests and plot paths. Within the game, you have the heart-pounding experience of fighting immense dragons and capturing their powers for your benefit. eBay's reliable sellers typically have preowned and new versions of the Elder Scrolls games available. Choose the adventure that appeals to you and plunge into an unforgettable fantasy world.