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About Eisenhower Silver Dollars

The heavy silver dollar shines brightly in the sunlight as the eager young collector shows it off to his fellow aspiring numismatists. The 1971 through 1978 Eisenhower silver dollar coins usually reside only in drawers and jewelry boxes in homes across America. Although the mass circulation Eisenhower silver dollar does not contain any silver at all, only copper and nickel, the specially struck collector's 40-percent silver Eisenhower dollar coins are clad in silver. Packaged in brown boxes as proofs or blue boxes as uncirculated coins, the 40-percent Eisenhower silver dollars originally sold for more than face value to coin collectors. On eBay, collectors find a variety of silver dollars, from the 1776 to 1976 Eisenhower silver dollar, specially struck for the 200th anniversary of the United States, to the mass circulation silver dollars that generally went straight into the amateur collector's coin drawer. The reliable sellers on eBay carefully identify each coin by year, type, packaging, and condition, and include clear photographs to ensure that collectors find the exact coin needed to complete an Eisenhower silver dollar collection.

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