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About Eisenhower Dollars

One of the oldest coins in its denomination, the Eisenhower dollar, was never rereleased after its initial eight year mintage. On eBay, you can find this valuable coin from reliable sellers in mint condition or touched by the human hand. On the heads side, the president’s face is featured with the word "Liberty" across the top and "In God We Trust" underneath Dwight’s jawline. On the other side, you can find an eagle holding olive branches. However, if it’s the bicentennial edition released in 1975-76, you can find the Liberty Bell in front of the moon to commemorate the lunar landing and the American Revolution on one coin. Both copper and silver options are available. Coins made of gold and silver normally are worth more for their material than their denomination, and many people save them as a retirement investment. You can find a coin lot as well, up to fifty available in one order. Whether you are a collector, appreciate Ike’s politics, an investor, or just like the look, an Eisenhower dollar can be yours to enjoy.