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About Eibach

Shop the large inventory of car and truck parts including car and truck coil springs!

Do you feel like you are riding a bumpy wooden cart when you drive around in your car? Then you could probably get some help from Eibach. After all, this car performance spring manufacturer has taken good care of the Audi Sport team, World Rally Championship cars, and not surprisingly, numerous Formula 1 cars. Like almost all products of German engineering, Eibach springs are designed to perform, and as a result, ensure outstanding ride quality. Available on eBay in new and used conditions, you can find kits such as Eibach's Pro-Kit, Sportline, and Pro-Lift-Kit. Other than springs, look at Eibach wheel spacers, swaybars, and coil-overs. Suitable for any car no matter its size, weight, or power, these items can definitely make your car more comfortable to drive and stable on any bends at any speeds. If style is on your mind, then Eibach has some lowering springs to lower your ride height, and even ones that raise it. Get your Eibach springs and enjoy the excellent comfort and handling they give your car.