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About Eheim

Watching fish flit about in an aquarium reduces stress levels and even lowers blood pressure, which are definite benefits to having an aquarium in your home. To keep your fish's environment in tip-top shape, purchase high quality equipment from trusted brands, such as Eheim, for your tank. Adding an Eheim pump to your tank aerates the water, adding the oxygen that your fish need to survive and thrive. When shopping for pumps for your aquarium, you first need to determine the capacity of your tank; otherwise you could end up purchasing a pump that cannot properly aerate your tank because it is not powerful enough. For example, the Eheim 2213 pump can handle tanks up to 66 gallons, which is a fairly large size for a home aquarium. Eheim filters and other aquarium equipment are available through reliable sellers on eBay. Add whatever type of fish you prefer to your aquarium—then relax and start reaping the health rewards immediately.