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About Egyptian

It's the land of pyramids and pharaohs, of giant temples and Cleopatra. When reviving an ancient culture in modern fashion and decor, no civilization is as readily recognizable and desirable as Egyptian culture. Jewelry is a popular choice: many of the greatest pieces recovered from archeological digs are full of garnets, lapis lazuli, and many other bright, colorful stones. Though you likely won’t find many replicas with that many precious stones, you'll still find echoes of Egyptian jewelry in collar-style necklaces and even pendants with symbols such as the eye of Horus and the Ankh on them. If you want to pull from the styling of Ancient Egypt but are not the jewelry type, consider some Egyptian statues. These statues are often replicas of pieces you would find at Egyptian historical sites, including gods such as Isis, Horus, and Anubis, along with more iconic figures such as the Sphinx. Shop the reliable sellers on eBay for Egyptian collectibles, décor, and jewelry. Go ahead—walk like an Egyptian. Or dress like one. Or decorate your home like one.