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About EGT Gauge

Pulling over to let your engine cool is a heck of a lot better than standing on a nearby hill and watching it flame out after overheating. An EGT gauge measures the temperature of your exhaust with a pyrometric sensor, telling you when you are pushing too hard and when your engine needs a rest. A digital EGT gauge is a must for high-performance cars, cars equipped with turbo boosters, and for long-haul diesel trucks, which can harbor enormous heat reservoirs in their engines. These performance vehicles often suffer from overheating, and if you push them too hard, you may be left holding a steep bill for repairs and possibly looking down the barrel in the process of removing the engine to replace it with an entirely new one. You can avoid that if you just use this simple gauge to keep a close eye on how hot your engine is running and follow its advice to pull over and wait. You can find an EGT gauge through the vast inventory of automotive accessories on eBay.