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About Egg Sinkers

Casting your line, you hope to get a bite early on, making this fishing trip successful. If you are new to fishing, you may not yet know the importance of egg sinkers. There are many different types of fishing sinkers available, and they all have their own pros and cons, as well as specific applications. Egg sinkers are a popular choice for catfish fishing, as they are able to roll along the bottom without typically getting snagged. These sinkers are also fairly easy to install, as the core is missing, allowing them to easily slip onto your line. There are many different sizes, but typically 4-oz. egg sinkers and higher are used for deep water fishing, so if you are fishing in a stream or river, you probably do not need a weight that heavy. If you regularly use egg sinkers, you might consider purchasing an egg sinker mold, which allows you to make your own sinkers in different sizes. If you are ready to purchase some egg sinkers for your next fishing trip, make sure to check out the large inventory available on eBay, as you may find that many stores do not keep all sizes in stock.