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Shop the extensive inventory of kitchen and dining decor and other collectible egg cups!

About Egg Cup

Remember back to grandma's beautiful, elegantly set dinner table with all of the delicious food in perfect porcelain dishes? Decorate your table just like grandma used to and place all of the boiled eggs for Easter dinner in an egg cup. Egg cups are the perfect holders for eggs and you can place a cup at every seat. The cup allows you to place the egg inside so that it is not rolling around all over the table. Boiled eggs never stay in one spot and now you can secure them on the table so they are not in your way. An egg cup set is perfect for your home and you can choose from many different designs. The sets come with multiple egg cups so you can purchase however many you need. Whether you plan to entertain six, eight, or 20 people, everyone can have an egg cup. If you want to purchase some, check out the reliable sellers on eBay. Some of them offer an egg cup lot and you will receive multiple cups. Each seller offers convenient shipping options so you get your products fast and right on time.