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About Egg Chairs

You love retro designs, but do not know where to begin with your own home. Maybe it is time to consider egg chairs. Arne Jacobsen designed these chairs in 1958 for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and they have become an iconic feature in American history since. With a vast inventory available on eBay, you can find the perfect chair for your space. Consider the modern globe-style egg chair with its classic five panel interior and fiberglass outer shell. It features fire retardant cushions and a stainless steel swivel, ensuring a smooth, 360-degree rotation. You can also find a hanging egg chair with its own stand, perfect for relaxing and reading a good book. If you want to stick to something more traditional, there are traditional style egg chairs with Cashmere wool fabric that is soft to the touch. These chairs have a smooth contour made of a foam body wrap that fits perfectly every time you lounge in it. No matter what your retro style is, you can find an egg chair to match. Place one in your home to soon become everybody's favorite place to sit.

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