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About Eflite

Flying can give you a rush like no other activity, and some very decent views too. But if you're afraid or can't afford to learn how to pilot an aircraft, live your fantasy out by becoming a captain of a miniature E-flite remote controlled toy instead. Although called toys, E-flite scaled aircrafts are actually fully functional flying machines. With a large assortment of E-flite Apprentice airplanes and Blade helicopters on eBay, finding a new or used one is an easy task. To embark on mini rescue or reconnaissance missions, you can get an expert series E-flite Blade 450 helicopter. If you're new to the art, start your mini pilot training on a beginner's chopper like the CX2. Attach a camera to a sport series airplane, or to a high-performance jet and you can get the perfect view when your plane soars. These planes range from high-spirited agile machines to gliding sailplanes. Purchase an E-flite machine and immediately soar into the sky, or take your hobby to the next level and upgrade your aircraft with E-flite's numerous spare parts.

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