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About Edna Hibel

A child rests a soft cheek against his mother's shoulder or a group of women gather for an intimate talk over afternoon tea. These personal moments are what you find in the art of Edna Hibel. Hibel's reputation as one of America's premier artists continues to grow. In addition to her famous portraits of women and children, an Edna Hibel painting might also commemorate a significant event in U.S. history such as the 75th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote or the 200th birthday of the White House. Those who love Hibel's art have several different ways in which to enjoy it. An Edna Hibel plate with one of her paintings delicately rendered on porcelain can make an excellent collector's item and centerpiece for a display case. You can also look for an Edna Hibel painting that takes the unique approach of combining a lithograph with oils already framed and ready to go up on your wall. A whole world of Edna Hibel art is waiting for you in the large inventory of options on eBay.