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About Edison Phonograph

The Edison phonograph is truly a piece of history. Thomas Edison's invention was the first device that could play recorded sound, and it was also the first record player sold to the public on a large scale. The Edison Cylinder Phonograph hit the market in 1878 and received instant success. The inventor established the Edison Phonograph Company in 1887 to focus on improving the device to offer better recording and playback quality. Cylinder discs remained in use for many years and the company was late to switch to disc records. However, the Edison Disc Phonograph was launched in 1913, and production continued until the company shut down in 1929. Sellers on eBay offer a good selection of Edison phonograph players, offering you a slice of history for your living room. You can also find a variety of Edison phonograph records for cylinder and disc models, giving you something to play on your vintage find.

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