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About Edison Cylinder Phonographs

Life without recorded music is unimaginable, and the Edison cylinder phonograph was the first step into the journey of recorded music of today. The inspiration, theory, and ultimately the success of recording the vibration of sounds translated into grooves onto cylinders still seems like an amazing process. Just like the telephone or electricity, it is interesting and fun to own a beautiful piece of history that was the initial idea that led to the technologies we take for granted today. Find a large selection of Edison standard cylinder phonographs on eBay, including original cases with Edison Home cylinder phonograph banners, cranks, and horns. There are many fine early examples of original phonographs, some still in working condition, made of solid wood and brass. There are Edison standard cylinder phonographs available that play music as they spin and project their sounds through the horn. In May of 1889, the first phonograph parlor opened as a place where music lovers would go to hear a song for a nickel. You can own a part of history and add an Edison cylinder phonograph to your collection today.

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