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About Edelbrock

Shop the large inventory of car and truck parts including Edelbrock carburetors!

Enhance your car's performance with parts from Edelbrock. An Edelbrock carburetor is designed to improve your vehicle's power and make you feel like a star behind the wheel. All parts are made in the USA with the goal of providing the widest torque range. Get a smooth response in every gear. Just take one out of the box and bolt it in place for an easy installation do-it-yourself installation. Choose a Performance Series carburetor and you won't have to worry about tuning it. Trouble-free operation means you have more time to spend behind the wheel instead of under the hood. Check out Edelbrock heads and other parts from reliable sellers on eBay. Save money with used parts or find a brand new part for many miles of high-quality performance. Get the level of performance you want with several versions to choose from. Pick the Thunder Series for simple and fast adjustments. Got a vintage car? Check out parts that are accurate for the period to help your classic run great. Whether it's a new car or an antique, Edelbrock has you covered with quality parts and accessories.