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About Eclipse Transmission

If you absolutely love your Mitsubishi Eclipse and are not ready to part with it due to a failed transmission, then find a replacement Eclipse transmission on the vast inventory on eBay. After all, this stylish car has been discontinued, so keeping yours in prime working condition is a nice way to keep these cars seen on the road. Find your transmission such as the five-speed Eclipse turbo transmission for a 1995 through 1999 model. This design has been road tested, ensuring that it shifts smoothly through all gears. There is also no noisy, banging, or grinding of the gears. It comes ready to be bolted up and just needs fluid added to its 2-liter tank. Find an Eclipse automatic transmission fitting a 2000 four cylinder engine. This model can also fit other Mitsubishi makes, such as the Galant, Sebring, or Stratus. There are many Eclipse transmissions to fit your year, make, and model available as manual or automatic transmissions. Get ready to hit the road again and show off your favorite car.

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