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About Eclipse GSX

Popularity can never be overrated when it comes to car parts and upgrades, especially when the vehicle is no longer rolling off the assembly line. Consider the Eclipse GSX from Mitsubishi. The all-wheel drive GSX—the muscle car of the Eclipse series—hit the pop chart so high in the 1990s that dealers have kept a ready supply of upgrade and replacement parts through the years. With its 180-195 HP, turbocharged, 2.0-liter engine, the Eclipse GSX embodied performance, flash, dash and sexiness, making it the sweetheart ride throughout all generations of the Eclipse, which Mitsubishi stopped making in 2012. Despite the end of its production, fans worldwide seek aftermarket parts and upgrades. Reliable eBay sellers recognize it as one of the most commonly upgraded vehicles, so they offer an ample inventory of parts for GSX owners. These range from a used Eclipse GSX exhaust to a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX body kit comprised of the same light, poly-fiberglass material that gave the Eclipse GSX its reputation as an over-achiever. From rear to front bumper, the body kit can rejuvenate your GSX and return it to full stride, just like the unbeaten 18th Century racehorse from which the Eclipse gets its name.