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About Easton Press

A room filled with the smell of leather-bound books is a book lover's dream. The leather bindings and gold finish on books from Easton Press bring that dream to life, giving off the smell, feel, and look of a library that has been passed down through generations. The books are also highly collectible due to the special editions available and the fact that many are autographed. Easton Press signed books contain autographs by well-known authors, from political figures to astronauts like Buzz Aldridge. The addition of these signatures increases the value of the books, making them even more collectible. Easton Press books are the perfect gift for book collectors because they retain their value, and the publisher carries some of the most influential tomes published. You can find everything from science fiction to memoirs in the shops of reliable sellers on eBay. Easton Press also puts out sets of books in various genres, letting you collect multiple books at one great price. Enjoy shopping from the convenience of your own home, and save time as well as money.