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Swing for the fences at your next softball game, with help from the reliable sellers of eBay. Tons of top quality Easton softball bats, both new and used, are available on eBay. Any one of them can bring your game up to superstar status. Easton baseball bats have been a mainstay in baseball and softball leagues around the world for decades due to the company’s focus on quality and detail. The Easton Synergy offers some of the company's best technology yet, including the integrated matrix technology that provides an aerodynamic design and skillfully wrapped composite materials on the bat barrel. The Synergy's single system technology provides a one-piece construction that creates stability along with a large sweet spot on the surface of the bat. Carefully constructed Easton bats always feature lightweight material to reduce drag and allow for exceptional swing speed. Even the best players in the game can only be as good as their weapons of choice, and a bat from Easton could be just what you need to go from average to extraordinary.