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About Ear Warmers

A biting wind flutters past you, twirling sparkling ice crystals over the frozen ground at your feet. Your nose and cheeks are Santa-suit red, but you are still toasty warm in a heavy coat, gloves, and cozy ear warmers. Wearing this type of headwear is the best way to protect your sensitive ears without having to wear a bulky, itchy cap. Degrees ear warmers are particularly good for outdoor winter activities. They are unisex and come in colors like black, brown, navy, and red bedazzled with dainty rhinestones or in patterns, like camouflage. The compact warmers sit securely over your ears and wrap around the back of your head. The easy adjustment mechanism is hidden inside of soft fleece fabric so there is no risk of snagging your hair. A crochet ear warmer does the trick too, but with a dose of style. These warmers have a variety of textured patterns, colors, and added flair, like knit flowers, so that you can play with cold weather fashion minus the risk of frostbite. Because these one-size-fits-most crochet hairbands are a lighter weight, they are best for milder winters. Dependable sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of affordable, quality ear warmers.

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