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About Ear Piercings

You envy your friends who have the sparkling gem chandeliers dangling from their ears, but you are just too scared of the needle. Ear piercing does not have to hurt, and it is easier than you think. People have been piercing their ears for thousands of years — even Shakespeare sported a flirty gold hoop. Although it was once common to visit a doctor for piercing, historically most people pierced their ears at home. Complete ear piercing kits make it easy to pierce at home. These were once only available to professionals, but now you just have to look on eBay to find a selection of kits that contain everything you need. Kits are safer than going to a jewelry store because you know the piercing gun has never been used on anyone else and will be free from bacteria. The kits come with a selection of ear piercing studs, which have sharp points to create the hole. Make sure you really like the stud you choose because you should wear it for at least six weeks while your ear heels. To reduce pain during the procedure, numb the ear with ice first. Some people use an antibiotic ointment with a numbing agent. You can use both, and the ointment can be applied afterward to reduce the risk of infection. With reliable sellers offering supplies for ear piercing, you are just one click away from sporting your own beautiful studs, dangles, or chandelier earrings.

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