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About Eames Lamps

It started with changing your car, and then your furniture, but now you want your new love for retro designs in your living room, too. With an Eames lamp, you can add a touch of mid-century design to your living space. This vintage lamp, with its cocoa brown color, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The Eames Era lamp also sports a slightly curved arm made of brass and with a stem covered in a chrome or walnut wood accent that playfully glints in light. The lampshade, shaped like a saucer, is reminiscent of designs from the atomic era. An Eames floor lamp is even more striking with its beige, polished, long stem. So whether you want an Eames lamp in your bedroom or garden, the wide selection of antique, classic and retro lamps on eBay, from trusted sellers, make it the right place to search. With the convenient shipping options provided, you will have your choice of these highly collectible lamp delivered to your door in no time.