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About Eames

Ray and Charles Eames left a significant mark in the history of design by creating unique and groundbreaking pieces of furniture from materials including plywood, plastic, aluminum, and wire. Perhaps the Eames’ most popular creation is their lounge chair and matching ottoman, as the chair originally took inspiration from film director Billy Wilder, who used to take naps in handmade chairs and credited them for some of his success. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the Eames lounge chair soon became a symbol of relaxation as well as a way to escape the worries of the modern world. The Eames used common wood stock as the material for this piece of furniture, with some of it even being recycled. Although the chair itself is also recyclable to a certain extent, it is sure to last a lifetime and then some, allowing you to easily pass on this piece of classic modern design down through generations. New models of this lounge chair as well as other vintage models in used condition are widely available on eBay from reliable sellers. A lounge chair is a universal symbol of relaxation, and perhaps spending your leisure time in an Eames lounge chair could lead you to just a modicum of the good fortune that Wilder claimed.