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About Eagle Scout

Perhaps no rite of passage from boy to man is as synonymous with the American spirit as the attainment of rank of Eagle Scout. The amount of time and commitment it takes to earn an Eagle Scout badge immediately marks its recipient as a model citizen and born leader capable of serving his community to the fullest while also participating in the cultivation of the next crop of Boy Scouts, knowing that each is a potential Eagle Scout in the making. On the momentous occasion of a scout achieving this vaunted rank, it is traditional to present the recipient with Eagle Scout gifts. While practical items such as camping gear are well received, tokens themed to the event are also quite popular. Coins, belt buckles, and rings bearing the Eagle Scout insignia are all excellent ways to reward the hard work of the scout while allowing him to show off his achievement. With the convenient shipping options from trusted sellers on eBay, you can be sure that you live up to the Scout's Motto and "Be Prepared" in time for your next Eagle Scout ceremony.