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About E46 Transmission

When you dreamed about the perfect car to get you to work, the image was of a BMW E46, but now you are having trouble shifting gears and it feels like a nightmare. The E46 transmission is part of the fourth generation BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars. The BMW comes with a range of options for the transmission from a four-speed automatic to a five-speed automatic or manual. There is also a standard six-speed manual transmission or a sequential manual. The non-traditional sequential manual transmission appears in high-performance vehicles, typically for auto racing. Direct access to a specific gear is not possible with this transmission, which selects gears in order. Although recent models of BMW transmissions come with lifetime fluid, if you are a wise vehicle owner, you need to make sure that you service your parts regularly, providing routine fluid and filter changes at least every 50,000 miles. This should mean that your repaired or replaced E46 manual transmission stays in good condition for longer. When you are ready to turn your nightmare vehicle back into a dream car, search the large inventory on eBay for an E46 transmission.

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