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About E46 Tail Lights

Red lights carve a path through city streets, tracing through darkness with the sharpness of laser beams. The BMW E46 tail lights are cleaner, smoother, and more appealing to the conscientious auto enthusiast. Slim curves surround the car’s familiar body and the light assemblies become an extension of the vehicle’s sleek muscle, rather than a separate component. Keep your BMW outfitted with brighter, more efficient LED tail lights, and coast through the streets, lit up red-hot, with the knowledge that your bulbs are as safe and bright as possible. Numerous aftermarket E46 tail lights are available from reliable sellers on eBay, many in new condition. As one of the first cars to be fitted with LEDs in the taillight assembly, the BMW E46 3 Series was a leader in style and innovation at the turn of the new millennium. Make a splash in the sea of traffic with a set of DEPO tail lights, and never risk not being seen.