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About E46 Grills

One look at a BMW E46 grille and you know without a doubt that this car belongs to the acclaimed BMW family. Continuing the decades-old tradition of using a two-piece "kidney grille," BMW sold the E46 from 1999 to 2006 in five different versions. BMW E46 cars were part of the third generation of the "3 Series," a line of cars that brought the company's engineering genius together in a package that combined power with practicality. Most stock grilles for E46 cars featured a chrome outer ring, but it is easy to change the look with a pair of third-party grilles. Matte black ones provide an understated look while carbon grilles provide a trendy and sporty appearance. Alternatively, choose full chrome grilles for a more flamboyant style. Whether you want to renew your BMW E46 or are looking for a more conspicuous facelift, reliable sellers on eBay offer different grille choices. Pick up an E46 grille and touch up your BMW's face.