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About E27 LED

Fumbling in the dark, you hit your shin on a chair and then trip over a power cable. This is the third incandescent bulb to burn out in just a few weeks, and you find yourself wishing you had just spent a little more on an E27 LED bulb. The E27 designation refers to the size of the screw base, and it is the standard medium-sized light bulb base in the U.K. However, there is such a slight difference in diameter between the E27 and the E26, which is standard in the U.S., that these two bulb sizes are practically interchangeable. There are various levels of brightness and power usage available in LED bulbs. Power consumption is given in watts, while brightness is given in lumens. For example, an E27 LED 5 watts bulb consumes less power than a 20 watts bulb. Dimmable LED E27 bulbs are also available for lamps that lower the brightness for ambience lighting. eBay has a wide selection in LEDs, including E27 LED bulbs and any other size you may need around the house.