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About DW Stand

You are grooving behind your drum kit, riding your hi hat, when they start to get a little sloshy, and your hi hat pedal goes all the way to the floor. It is time to look for new hardware, and you know that you want a DW stand. Drum Workshop is known not only for its sweet-sounding, high-end drums, but is also known for its legendary developments in drum hardware. Whether you want a traditional hi hat stand, a remote cable hi hat, or a two-legged hi hat, a DW hi hat stand can get the job done. A DW 9000 stand is a heavy-duty pro model available in three-leg, two-leg, and remote cable versions of DW’s renowned hi hat stands. The DW 9500D three leg hi hat stand includes a double eccentric cam to increase feel on the footboard to keep you grooving with its fast action enhanced by the smooth movements of its ball bearing hinge at the other end of the footboard. Lock in as much slosh or chick as you want with the SM379 locking clutch. A lateral cymbal seat allows you to adjust the angle of your hi hat cymbals without fumbling under the hi hat cup for a set screw. The swivel legs of this DW stand allow you to move and position them around bass drum pedals and cymbal stands. With the inventory available from the reliable shippers on eBay, a DW stand can find a new home with your drum kit.