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About DW Drums

Rock and Roll music is being gifted a great number of talented drum musicians that are revolutionizing the business. Greats such as Neil Peart, Keith Moon, and Ginger Baker are all inspirations that lead you to buy your first set of DW drums. The quest is lengthy but as you peruse listings on eBay, you are able to come across a wide variety of new and used drum equipment listed by reliable sellers. Available to you are a number of DW 10-inch drum pieces including toms and snares. With some careful consideration and research, you add a single item to the cart and move on to the next listing. This is where you look into purchasing a coordinating DW 13 snare drum to go with the aforementioned tom. Browsing the various listings you encounter a vast number of snares suitable to your needs. Excited by the whole experience, you are able to quickly add a snare to your cart as well as some other vital pieces of equipment prior to checking out. Now as your set of DW drums are assembled, you are ready to continue your journey to drumming excellence.