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About DVD VCR Combo

You absolutely love your DVD movies, but you are not quite ready to give up your broad collection of VHS tapes just yet. You may be thinking about opting to have the best of both old and new worlds by purchasing a DVD/VCR combo. Players such as these will allow you to keep your VHS tapes around for the life of the tape, while still being able to enjoy your DVD movies, without all of the messy wires, plugs, and instruction booklets. Many players are also DVD recorder VCR combo units, which allow you to convert your VHS tapes to DVDs for later use and enjoyment. In addition, these players also features progressive scan technology, and can play picture CDs and music CDs as well as VCDs, for maximum entertainment. With a variety of shipping options available, new DVD/VCR combo players are available as well as gently used and refurbished units, from some of reliable sellers on eBay. Investing in a reliable DVD/VCR combo is an excellent way to keep enjoying your old movies without having to search for a working VCR at someone's garage sale.

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