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About Duramax Turbo

When you want to rule the road, and get the thrill ride of your life, you need to upgrade your stock Duramax turbo with something that gives you a little more kick. The Duramax V8 is a turbocharged and intercooled engine for light and medium trucks that already packs a powerful punch; but when stock gets stale and factory-fitted fails to impress, an upgrade is a good way to fulfill your need for speed. A turbocharger is an option for increasing horsepower without going to a bigger engine. The device compresses the air going into the engine's cylinder, and the engine matches the increase in available oxygen with an increase in fuel, resulting in a bigger explosion and more power. In this way, a Duramax turbo is similar to a supercharger, except a turbo runs on the engine's exhaust stream whereas a supercharger is belt-driven. An alternative to installing a new turbo is to fit an upgraded Duramax turbo inlet, which offers enhanced performance and throttle response. Whether you need a new turbo upgrade, or you just need a Duramax turbo back exhaust, you will find what you are looking for in the large inventory on eBay.