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About Duramax Injector

It is the weekend, and you have a dozen jobs to do, so you fire up the truck and... the engine stumbles and struggles, accompanied by a strong smell of gas. Looks like a problem with your Duramax injectors has caused a misfire, and that means all those important jobs are going to have to wait for another day. The Duramax is a General Motors diesel engine family for trucks that runs on a direct injection system, comprising a series of injectors working as electronically controlled valves. When your Duramax fuel injectors are working properly, an electromagnet moves a plunger to open the valve, allowing a fine mist of pressurized fuel to squirt through into the cylinder. When your fuel injectors are not working properly, your truck could experience inconsistent engine power, misfires, leaking fuel, and low gas mileage. If you want to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible, you need to replace your Duramax injectors. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay have all the automotive parts you need, at deep discounts, to retire that misfire.

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