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About Dura Ace Pedals

Shimano Dura Ace pedals set a high standard for bicycle racing and road riding. Reviewers describe these pedals as "bomb proof" for their durability, and their ability to grip the cleat and avoid having your foot slide out of the pedal while riding. Shimano Dura Ace carbon fiber construction pedals have been available since 2010, when the design replaced the older solid aluminum construction with tough, lightweight carbon fiber. The result had all the good properties of the aluminum pedals but shaved some 30 grams from the weight, providing an advantage for racing or if you just want to go fast. The carbon fiber version begins with the Dura Ace PD 7900 model and has been continued with the PD 9000, which is the present model. Shimano Dura Ace pedals are available on eBay by reliable vendors. When you're serious about bike performance, paying attention to all the details, including the bike pedals, is a good idea.