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About Dupont Pen

Why write with a Bic when you can use a Dupont pen? Since 1872, Dupont has been making amazing pens. Feel like you are living the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with these pens handcrafted with solid gold. The weight of the pen ensures for accuracy, preventing the pen from slipping and causing errors in your writing. No cross outs here. Want to appear at the top of your game while keeping minutes at a business meeting? Use a Dupont Rollerball pen. This can make even paying bills feel not quite so terrible. Have a special event coming up? A Dupont fountain pen can bring a sense of class and sophistication to any writing project by ensuring your calligraphy is on point. Each pen comes with a case to keep it safe and refills are available allowing your pen to last a lifetime. Reliable sellers on eBay make finding Dupont pens a piece of cake. Write on.