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About Duplexers

For HAM radio enthusiasts, having all of the equipment you need is a must. A duplexer is a simple, but essential, component of your setup. Without it, you must have two antennae: one to transmit and one to receive messages. This simple connection allows you to use one antenna for both purposes. Because of its relatively rare use, HAM radio equipment can be hard to find in many areas. Fortunately, eBay provides an online marketplace where you can find the duplexer that you need to operate. The repeater duplexer is available in abundance. Using a repeater will be your best option, as it is able to pick up both VHF and UHF radio frequencies, maximizing your range and versatility. If you have a brand preference, reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of quality brands. If, for example, you would prefer a Motorola duplexer, a simple search will reveal the full selection. Once you have found the duplexer that you need, sellers make it easy on you by shipping your purchase to your door.