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About Dunhill Pipes

Puff puff — your fellow tobacciana enthusiasts have recommended you begin looking at Dunhill pipes because of the company's 100-year history. The company has an unusual origin: Harness maker Alfred Dunhill began making automobile accessories, including the 1904 invention of the "Windshield Pipe" that could be smoked while motoring. Dunhill pipes are still hand-cut to this day. They feature Dunhill's well-known "white spot," which was originally intended to indicate which side of the stem went up. Dunhill pipes are extremely collectible and come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Briar pipes are made of a hard, heat-resistant wood from the burl wood of the white heath tree. They have an extremely neutral aroma when exposed to heat, which makes them ideal for smoking pipes. Dunhill briar pipes are famous for their beauty and collectible value. Dunhill shell briar pipes are finished with a dark stain, while the root briar pipes are a lighter hue of wood. If you are on a budget, Dunhill estate pipes provide an opportunity to save money on a previously owned pipe at a significant discount. Browse the vast selection of Dunhill pipes and pipe lighters on eBay to complete your collection.

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