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About Dump Bed

It would take all day to unload firewood, driveway gravel, and garden mulch from your rock-solid pickup truck were it not for your powerful dump bed. A two-ton capacity hydraulic dump bed makes quick work of a hefty load of scrap metal, while other beds can handle as much as 7.5 tons and beyond. Heavy-duty dump bed inserts are also available to fit any long-bed pickup truck, which is an option that saves you the work and commitment of replacing the existing factory-issue bed on your beloved workhorse. Another way to go is a trailer dump kit, with potential capacity of over 10 tons, ready to be hitched and towed by your trick. The large inventory on eBay includes a variety of parts, components, and complete pickup dump bed kits in a range of strengths and sizes. Whether you prefer a steel or aluminum dump bed, with wired or wireless control, there are beds that can transform your standard pickup into a versatile asset both on and off the work site.

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