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About Dumbo

While other circus performers ostracized him for his oversized ears, the rest of the world fell in love with Dumbo. The story of this Disney classic begins when a stork delivers a baby to circus elephant Mrs. Jumbo. The teasing commences as soon others realize Mrs. Jumbo’s babe is unlike the others, and her defensive, protective actions lead to her being locked up. After an accident from a circus stunt, Little Dumbo is reduced to the role of a clown, but life’s not all fun and games. Down on his luck, Timothy Q. Mouse becomes Dumbo’s mentor, and through the friendship, Dumbo discovers his most laughable quality is in fact his greatest strength. Since its 1941 release, Dumbo has entertained generations of children and adults alike, maybe even inspiring some to embrace what makes them different. If you’re searching for a timeless classic for your kids, eBay has plenty of sellers with a Dumbo DVD and Dumbo toys for your little one. Once you’ve watched the film, you’ve been done seen about everything when you see an elephant fly.